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Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd’s team strengthens

Jaakko Ossa, Professor of Financial Law, and Juha Valtonen, MA, have been appointed to the Board of Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd. Jaakko Ossa provides the growing enterprise with the necessary juridical competence and his extensive experience in working on the boards of various enterprises. As a philatelic expert, Juha Valtonen bolsters the enterprise’s special expertise. Tatu Untinen, the Managing Director of the enterprise, continues as the Chairperson of the Board.

In the Helsinki economic region, the Hellman Auctions will be officially represented by Jukka Mäkipää, who is known as a judge of traditional philately at Nordic stamp exhibitions. He also has a number of exhibition collections, and he has actively participated in organisational work.

On the German market, the enterprise will be represented by Cyril Schwenson. For several years now, he has been known as a top expert and certifier of Finnish philatelic items. He also has a number of exhibition collections and research collections of classic Finland.

The representatives of the enterprise operate in their respective regions. The main purpose is to make it easier for the clients to submit items for the auction and have the items evaluated.

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