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Agathon Faberg - Portrait of a Philatelist

Agathon Faberg - Portrait of a Philatelist by Kaj Hellman and Jeffrey C. Stone will be available at Finlandia2017 exhibition May 24th! The book is over 370 pages and is entirely in english. Agathon Faberg was one of the greatest philatelic collectors and scholars of the twentieth century. Access to previously unknown archival and other sources have been drawn upon to paint a portrait of a lifetime of philatelic studies, and to compile a major contribution to the history of philately.

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1987 Finland, FINLANDIA 88 BL3, used

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1991 Finland, L.1128-9 pair ** Pro Filatelia

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1941 FDC L. 237 Mourning stamp of President Kallio

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